I decided to build this webpage because I wanted to share my experience of healing with GSE. Although some stages in the healing were decidedly unpleasant, I'm glad I found GSE and glad it worked its magic on me. GSE is an effective anti-fungal. It also has efficacy that extends beyond fungal infections. It seems to work as a broad anti-parasite agent. I have provided links to other websites where you can find a lot more information about that, and about GSE in general, than I'll give here.

My experience may be extreme. I definitely carried a heavy load of infection that had been proliferating slowly, inexorably, for many years. That meant the parasites had manage to penetrate deeply and the evictions were difficult at times. With trial and error I evolved some practices that ameliorated the unpleasantness without suppressing the healing eviction.

Up front I want to make clear that I am not a medical doctor and I am not dispensing medical advice. I am telling my story. Perhaps what I have learned, what I have gone through, will help someone else. That is my only motivation. Because of the personal nature of this experience, I'd like to restrict personal details about myself to a minimum. But anyone who wishes to is welcome to communicate with me directly using the email link. So far, this site has not had so many visitors that I would be inundated. I'm particularly interested in hearing of others' GSE experiences.

I don't want to scare you away from trying GSE. But I do want to prepare you to recognize and manage the eviction, should you experience one. That is my goal. My evolving discussion is found in the Q&A section.

I now look back on the trials of a lifetime and realize the impact of the highly evolved pathogens that had found their way into me over the years and that have in their arsenal the means to evade detection by my immune system. It was a big shock to realize that what I had always believed were relatively benign, superficial annoyances, cosmetic blemishes, had actually penetrated deeply and were the underlying cause of aches and pains in joints and organs, as well as the transient surface manifestation that we all routinely salve with the many common topical cremes sold by the pharmaceutical industry for quick relief. I now view these topical agents as merely treating symptoms and at worse interfering with the bodies response to infection, what I came to call "the eviction."

The GSE experience has stages and takes time. I started out simply wishing to deal with a nail fungus. Four years later I have evicted unwanted parasites from (literally) head to toe. But I am 70 years old and have had a lifetime gathering these barnacles to my hull. In several cases, my infections originated in youth, even childhood. I came to appreciate how

  • 1) they were never "cured" by the standard medical practice, but had continued their surreptitious ("cloaked" I call it) proliferation deeper into my tissues. The duration of the eviction is determined by the age of the infection. Infected tissues must repair themselves. GSE is gentle, in that sense. It doesn't just rip out the wires.
  • And 2) I realized that it was these infections that underlay the various conditions that had occasionally sent me to doctors in my lifetime (though I was not an overtly "sickly" person, I was, I suppose, average).
The organisms that opportunistically infect us are highly evolved. They can avoid immune detection, and they are quite content to grow at tortoise pace. It makes me wonder how many diseases have such infections at their root. It's hard to imagine true health in their presence, so persons plagued by ill-defined conditions might consider trying GSE. But that's a personal choice. One is advised to add "in consultation with your doctor." Would that doctors were aware of GSE, were aware that the creams they prescribe don't heal and were aware that these parasites are not benign and can penetrate deeply into the human body. If you find such a doctor, I'll be happy to give him/her referrals.

Good luck.

To you I am "Dave."