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Here are six essays on healing with GSE. They were initial attempts to use the blog format, but that turned out to be awkward. So I'm returning to hardcoding html. I let this project languish, but the recent interest of a friend has stimulated me to revisit and re-edit these writings.

But first, have a look at this Q&A session that was my first attempt at this subject:

GSE essay #1

I'll start by using the common concerns reflected in people's search queries that have brought them to GSExperience over these last years. 

The most common query is for "GSE" and "parasite." Next would be "GSE" and "nail fungus." Probably third is for "jock itch." So let me address those right away.

Parasites: GSE has shown broad efficacy in dealing with a host of parasites, not only fungal.
Nail fungus: I started with GSE after reading about its effectiveness in treating nail fungus. It is.
Jock itch: DO NOT put straight GSE on your testicles if you have jock itch. Honest!

Taken internally GSE will act against pretty much every opportunistic parasite in your system. That's the good news AND the bad news. Good, obviously, because who wants parasites? Bad, because you may be more infected than you know (I certainly was) and it's at that point that my narrative really begins. 

For young (new) infections, GSE is great (more on that anon). But the fact of the matter is: we humans like the rest of the biosphere play host to a plethora of opportunistic parasites. The best way I can describe it is to say "we're spälted." 

So let's start with that. It's my intention to elaborate with successive posts. But I've already written quite a bit in the old site, so if you want to jump in the deep end, go explore there. Ask questions. Tell your experience. 

I was recently made aware of a condition I'd not heard of: Morgellons syndrome. From what I've read, this condition resembles one of the evictions I experienced. I have a high expectation that Morgellons sufferers will find GSE efficacious. However, it is critically important to recognize the EVICTION for what it is. GSE does not simply treat symptoms. In fact, in getting at the underlying infection, symptoms are exacerbated. This can make the GSExperience complex and is why I decided to share my experience and insight. 

If you're young and the condition you're seeking to treat is relatively recent in occurrence, you'll probably get off light. However, for the older set (among whom I count myself), we're talking another matter. We'll get to that.

GSE essay #2

I have one particular message that I need to convey for any of the rest to make sense. The message is simply this: we (many of us) are spälted. In the truest sense of the word. Not everyone has looked long and hard at a beautiful piece of spälted birch to understand the import of the term. So here's a picture:

The patternation in spälted wood is caused by fungal intrusion. The wood is rotting. However, it is not yet rotten. The life has not yet gone out of its cells, it's phloem still transports, tho less well. Imagine the tree from which this came. If the tree can feel (and can't they?), how does that feel?

The infecting organism spreads thru intercellular spaces. There are many fungal diseases in plants and the ones that are most severe will clog the plant's vascular system and kill the plant outright. Others are much slower, producing brackets and mushrooms. And when the tree does shed its limbs, fungi complete the humic decomposition.

In the world of plants, especially in the commercial sector that employs plant scientists, it is readily recognized that in any population there will be a distribution of disease resistance. Breeders apply genetics to the manipulation of resistance to agriculturally significant plant pathologies for the production of new commercial varieties.

The same is true in the breeding of domesticated animals.

I'd rather take the tree's perspective for now.

As you undertake to address the issue that brought you here, using GSE, (should you choose this mission), bear in mind what I have just described. Spälted. Key concept #1. GSE's efficacy lies in revealing and evicting the spält in your tissue. If you think the problem is merely "cosmetic" (it may be if you're catching it early enough), you may be in for a surprise. I'm not going to sugarcoat this: it won't be a pleasant surprise.

GSE essay #3

I was discussing fungal diseases in plants and used the illustration of spälted wood to convey the way in which fungi permeate tissue. I used this illustration to point out how common such parasitisms are in nature. It's rather surprising that medical science has not noticed, or seems not to have noticed, that human flesh is heir to them as well.

GSE is efficacious in getting these parasites to leave. Since the parasites are in essence being evicted from the body, I call the healing event "The Eviction." Duh. In the archive site I get detailed with the finer features of this process, and I describe its stages based on my personal passage.

When GSE goes to work, precipitating an Eviction, it can be alarming because the flesh breaks out, becomes inflamed, may turn disturbing colors and, depending on severity, can look like death itself in the specific area infected. What one becomes aware of, and may have not had any indication of heretofore, is that the parasite's body (thallus) has spread farther and deeper than any symptoms might have suggested. For instance, if there is an area where a rash has appeared, then gone away, then sometime later reappeared, chronically, the area over which the eviction occurs will usually be several times the area where the rash occurred. GSE appears to "de-cloak" the entire organism such that the body suddenly becomes aware of it. What ensues appears to be a cooperative attack by the body's own immune system and GSE.

This is where the image of spälted tissue comes in (as illustrated in preceding post).

So here's the bottom line: There is a class of opportunistic fungi (thousands? millions? taxonomical speaking) that can infect the human body and permeate tissue but do so beneath the radar of the immune system. They grow at glacial but inexorable pace. They get in through cuts, scratches and the thousand natural shocks. They can migrate in the body—generally toward the warm spots, as where flesh overlaps. The host, if discomfited at all, may be barely bothered by their presence. With age, benignity is lost.

Current medical practice seems to be oblivious to these parasites except to provide salves that actually inhibit the body's natural eviction mechanisms because those mechanism produce unpleasant symptoms: itch, erupting skin. But the itch and eruption of the skin is how the parasite is evicted. The key to the GSE healing is to go with the eviction, manage it for comfort and hygiene, but not suppress it. The unpleasant stages pass and health is restored to the tissue with perseverance and proper practice.

GSE essay #4

There's a mental construct I have labeled "pharmaco-think." In that paradigm, if you "get a cold," you take a pill. The "cold" runs its course. Eventually, if you're like Auden's Unknown Citizen, you're dealing with each event as a separate, isolated, treatable, take-two-of-these-and-call-me-in-the-morning happenstance. There's no underlying connection. It's all "viruses." You're a consumer of "health." Health is sold.

This paradigm is so critical to the ginormous industry that it engenders, that it is necessary to inundate the population with constant conditioning regarding its precepts through the medium of advertising. Television is owned by this client. Better living through chemistry has never ceased to be the motto, but we talk about it less; and we'll label it "organic" if we can get away with it, rather than mention the chemistry.

The paradigm is insufficient. It has failed to incorporate the critical fact that a key underlying etiology is the presence in the human body of opportunistic fungal parasites. The current paradigm considers the salient manifestations of these infections as dermatological problems. Treating the dermatological misses the deep permeation that these parasites are able to achieve by slowly but inexorably ramifying their fibers through intercellular spaces of body tissues. On the surface, there may be blemishes, warts, pimples, pustules of various kinds, rashes, Rosascia, athlete's foot, nail fungus, jock rot, ear itch, tinitus...the list goes on.

Looking outwardly at the rest of nature, to think that we—our bodies—would not suffer such infections amounts to hubris. Everything else does.

We can't knock the gains of medical science over the past—what?—100, 200, 300 years. The assuaging of human suffering by medicine is our greatest argument for not going back to caves. Though achievements in longevity are due principally to hygiene, nutrition and safety that have accompanied—perhaps driven—the advance of the human animal into this increasingly synthetic world (a world of made), it would be purblind to disparage the great discoveries that have truly transformed the Death equation. It would also be purblind to fail to recognize that the wheels of commerce are turned by the Terror. Solving for little t (time) in that equation, we find t=$. Slow deaths are more profitable than fast ones.

I grew up during the Polio Terror. That subject came up recently on the occasion of my grandson's second birthday party. The other grandparent set, being of comparable age, related strongly to that episode. To our immediate offspring, it's an odd vignette of ancient history. Their great fear, as my parents' was polio, is autism. Our grandson has "had his shots." Autism is now the unexplained Terror.

Frustrated parents have undertaken to do their own experimentation. What some are reporting is that anti-yeast treatments are efficacious (Google it). This makes perfect sense to me, in the context of the GSExperience—that autism might be a consequence of such an infection as I'm describing here.

These parents have begun exploring GSE as a component of the therapy. Perhaps you are reading this because of that issue. What I would say is this:

  • if autism has a fungal etiology, GSE will be efficacious
  • be prepared to go through an eviction cycle
  • watch for the signs of infection (such as those enumerated above)
  • expect that at some point there will be "breaking out" on the skin (may manifest in many different ways, just look for change)
  • there may be what for a child will be intense headaches, and "zinger" (lightning) pains
  • crises pass, but must be ridden out; the eviction process has a wave like character in that peaks of diminishing amplitude occur and represent the dramatic component of what is a continuous process.

It's hard—given pharmaco-think—to conceive that science, with all their minds, their electron microscopes and plethora of scans, batteries of tests, could overlook the presence of an alien organism, or could so blithely dismiss the health impact. We know so much. Look at the labs! Look at the research! The smart, well-dressed people. They know more than us. They know the fancy names for things. We are in their hands.

Some future historian of medical science will have to explain that lapse.

GSE essay #5

I'm thinking about a recent 1st degree eviction event I just experienced in a point of old infection. I detail my personal eviction experiences in the Q&A section of the archived site. The case in point involved the lower section of my left leg. It was an early event and was big and completely freaked me out while slowly producing insight as to what was going on. I got thru it. It followed the pattern that I later codified: large peak third degree; [hiatus] spore hatch or "second degree" smaller peak; and then a slow long-tailed denouement, which I refer to as "hauling out the trash." So six years later I'm looking at a small cluster of red blotches on the leg in the heart of the eviction zone, thinking how after so much time there can still be some remnant material. These "first degree" evictions are trivial things, but at the same time I realize that the damned totipotent fungus (that I've lovingly called Blue Meanies) can start up from any bit of itself, or any of the potentially astronomically large number of spores it can produce.

We've all seen spores come off the bottom of a mushroom. Or if you haven't, put it in your bucket list. Try stepping on a dry puffball sometime while hiking. On second tho't; don't. But you get the idea. For the topic at hand (the healing power of GSE, if you forgot), the issue is: can we ever assume we'd completed the eviction. Frankly, I think not. I believe that GSE is something I will always use at a maintenance dose (10-15drop/day). I think there's a danger in thinking that because you appear to have defeated the BM, that it's really 100% gone. These are opponents we shouldn't underestimate. There will probably always persist the potential for one spore, and one would be all it would take.

It's good for whatever remains to try starting up again, because it appears to require that activity for GSE to pounce. So you can think of GSE as "patrolling;" waiting&watching. When they do attempt to rear their heads again, kowa-bunga! When that happens, there are minor first degree events (red, hot, blotches), but they are gone in hours (not weeks or months, as with major events).

Let me further illustrate by addressing one of the frequent search expressions that googles people into this site: "GSE nail fungus."

I'll tell you right out: nail fungus is like the bunny hill for GSE. I mean, it's a done deal. Depending on the age of the infection, it may look awful while the first eviction occurs. And it may take a while. But then it will heal nicely, and the new nail will grow in. This is child's play for GSE. In addition to internal, I found it efficacious to use the "bomb:" GSE plus Tea Tree Oil. This is one of nature's great synergies. (Apply TTo first, wait a couple minutes, then GSE. Full strength both. PS, there are tissues where you don't want to use that application, anything with a mucous membrane, for instance, or jock itch.)

If the nail infection is old, the nail bed and surrounding tissue will fester up and essentially rot away. It ain't pretty. As with all evictions, it's salubrious to use 5% bleach and epsom salts to help the process along. The other ingredient is patience. Let the process run its course. Watch and learn.

There's another little matter that bears mentioning in this context. Not so little really. If you have a fungal infection and you're looking to GSE to deal with it, the good news is the prognosis is optimistic. But! But: this means you're what in the plant breeding world we'd call a "susceptible genotype." You may have noticed how you have the misfortune of suffering this particular barb of fate, where others you may know are blithely unscathed. Alas. It's the genetic crap shoot. Susceptibility varies. And since you had one of these creatures get past your guards, there's a good chance others have too. And this is where we get into the bigger picture. GSE is going to fix all of them. So strap in. The ride may have just begun.

GSE essay #6

I've distilled out of my experience a fairly concrete pattern of the healing that GSE can precipitate. I've also come to realize that it constitutes a new medical paradigm. What a presumptuous thing to say! A decent respect for the opinions of mankind requires something grander than what I've so far accomplished here if I'm to substantiate that claim. Frankly, I stopped elaborating what I started here when the greater magnitude of its implications revealed themselves in my on-going experience.

Every time I try to be succinct in spelling out the essential character of the GSExperience, I have rapidly become entangled in complexity. I understand when my interrogator starts to get that "can you just cut to the chase" look.

Here's as succinct as I can do:

There are fungal parasites that infect the human body. They do it just like they do it to the trees, and every other living thing. Trees I mention because in the spälting of their timber we have the most convenient visual manifestation of the process. But it's a ubiquitous process in the biosphere.

These parasites are ubiquitous and opportunistic. They are excedingly common. It is virtually impossible to scrape your skin on the world without picking one up. Just as their kind find entrance through the bark of trees, if they can get below the epidermis, they can gain a beachhead. Spores can lay dormant under skin as it seals over and appears to heal.

They penetrate into the body in an insidiously clandestine way that doesn't disrupt organ function, initially, and characteristically not until later in the life of the host. That's you. Perhaps later has come for you.

They usually enter through trivial wounds. They grow slowly and they migrate in the flesh to warm areas.

This is a pretty horrific thing to grasp when you come—through the action of GSE—to discover their presence in you.

Our bodies are like reefs populated by these fungi. (Yet current medical practice does nothing to treat them except superficially.)

These are not superficial entities, though they manifest at the surface in relatively diminutive ways (rashes, most commonly, and the usual suspects in athlete's foot, jock itch, yeast infections, and the thousand natural shocks).

They can, in a lifetime, come to occupy substantial chunks of our physical real estate. Over time, they extend themselves from the point of entry along the warmth gradient of the body so that they come to rest in the warm places. They fly beneath the radar of our immune system except occasionally when we salve their surface expression into submission. This has little effect on the thallus of the organism, no more than picking mushrooms from a fairy ring deters the mycelial ramification of the morel through the decomposing remnant of an elm tree. The mushroom is merely the flower. They are also extremely benign for a very long time (there are exceptions, and it depends on what they get into—tissue-wise—and when, because they cross all boundaries.) They are benign in the sense that we are oblivious to their presence, for the most part. And the effect they do have, manifests so slowly that we barely notice. And it's always followed by what appears to be recovery. The process has that stacatto character. It's part of their evolved adaptive arsenal. And, as insidiously as something worthy of a B-horror film or The Twilight Zone, they do inhabit and subjagate us.

Along comes GSE.

GSE quite simply chases these critters from the body.

If they are responsible for the host of degenerative conditions that attends old age—as I submit they are—then their eradication ("Eviction") has implications that hardly need to be belabored.

So you're here because you have a problem. Based on the search queries that bring people here, you have jock itch, or athlete's foot or something involving "yeast". Or in some cases, something really bizarre that's been labelled "Morgellon's" but doctors are telling you it's all in your head, and they have a name for that too, "Delusionary Parasitosis." You may be researching autism, or you or someone close to you may have something nebulous, seems like a parasite, or else you're a woodworker interested in spälted wood in which case you're probably in the wrong place.

You think you're going to try GSE.

OK. Go for it.

Know this: you may be setting forth on a long journey. However long it is, be it months or years, it will seem longer.

GSE—in my experience and that of other's which you can read by googling "GSE parasite"—is remarkably non-toxic. This is in contrast to other anti-fungals from synthetic chemistry.

But once you start GSE, it is unlikely you will stop. You will recognize a maintenance dose as prophylactic.

However, between then and the beginning, there is a wild terrain to cross. If you can embrace the experience as marvelously salubrious, you will persevere and emerge. I imagine, truthfully, that most will lack sufficient patience. A third degree eviction will send them screaming into the arms of standard operating procedure.

So for those who are resolute, I will offer some guidance into the experience.

First, the problem that you have will—within a matter of weeks, usually—become much worse. Your skin will probably erupt in quite specifically localized places in the worst fungal suppuration you've ever experienced. You will want to salve it away with something you can buy or get by prescription, but these will fail. GSE is pushing the fungus out from the inside. The process needs to run to completion.

The severity of this outbreak is proportional to the age of the infection (and by correlation, probably, the age of you). If the problem area appears to expand, it is because the thallus of the parasite is suddenly being decloaked and the immune system is no longer oblivious to its presence.

The body has to get rid of the ensuing carnage and that's what going on on the surface which is hugely unpleasant, unsightly and intolerable. Usually this involves itch. This itch can be the worst itch that you have ever experienced. All of this is manifestation of the eviction process and must be allowed to run its course, which it will. In my own experience I evolved an effective protocol for managing this process and I've outlined it in the Q&A section of the "archived" site. [LINK]

This is the worst it will get, so if you can successfully navigate this stage in the healing, it gets easier.

However, that's not the end. GSE does not heal like an antibiotic that takes out a bacterial infection overnight. The process of eviction is slow and relatively gentle in that tissue is restored to health. Just not quickly. The detritus of the infection must be eliminated.

After the third degree eviction is finished—sometimes immediately, but also sometimes after a long quiescence—there will be another transit that can also require substantial perseverance. This is the spore hatch ("second degree"). These parasites are fungi and they make spores and they lay them like eggs at the perimeter of their growth rings, successively. The removal of the main body of the parasite no doubt releases the spores from dominance and they germinate. Most all at once. But not all.

A great number of spores germinate simultaneously and the severity of the second degree eviction can verge on—even exceed— that of the third degree. With a constant titre of GSE in the system, the germinating critter is zapped immediately. The body needs to get rid of it, so the skin breaks out. There can literally be thousands of points of pustulation and this will rank up there with the most repulsive experiences of your life, guaranteed. Get through it.

After that you are out of the woods, but not done. What follows is a long period during which the occasional latent spore or groups of spores try again. Zap! Evict. I said long period. Quite probably years. What happens depends on the age and penetration of the beast. The observant pilgrim will recognize the diminishing nature of the experience, though it can try the patience extremely with its slow decrescendo, pock marked by blips of eviction.

Now take that times N, where N is the number of such parasitisms that you are subject to. You will discover this is > 1, the one you sought GSE for in the first place. You may discover, as I said, that you are a reef of infections, of varying severity. When one eviction cycle is finishing, another may suddenly start up. In fact, you need to be prepared for this. You may be surprised; it may be something you had no inkling of. But if you think on it, I am confident that you will recall a history to the infection. It may be a chronically sore joint, or a rash that reoccurs or oddly textured skin, blotches and blemishes; and "liver" spots. And things with more sinister diagnosis.

The hardest part of the entire experience comes if one got into your head. And I don't know how to break this to you, I bet it did. These parasites colonize any moist cavity they can get into and sinuses are perfect. Chronic congestion from "seasonal" causes is symptomatic.

The head eviction is the most trying. It will make the extremity experience seem like a day at the beach. It will fuck with your life. Excuse my vernacular. It may bring you to Jesus. I'm just saying. GSE will do its thing and take the invader out, but you will need to recognize the parallels in what you're experiencing in your head and the other evictions. Your head won't feel good. And you may have to endure that for a protracted period of time. The option to going through this is not going through it. Giving up. Letting it take you. Saying to hell with it.

When you recognize that your head has been parasitized, you may feel despondent. Or you may give thanks that you have made the discovery and have found the solution, however long it takes. If you can muster the latter view, resolve not to export your tempests onto those around you. Resolve to carry on as normally as you can, and to maintain the GSE dosage and to be amazed at the process as you emerge from the chrysalis that was your "condition".